Humanity in the 21st century has really gotten out of hand, we all know it, monetary hegemony has full control, imperialism is rampant, energy cartels have our most vital resources wrapped up in a political and physical stranglehold, religious dogmas and fanaticism have become over-bearing, the masses spend there time in ignorance watching other people sing or dance or cook on TV (probably due to a manufactured education system to keep them docile).

While we work ridiculous hours in degrading conditions resulting in depression where the apparent anesthitic is complete inebriation. Finally, if you lash out at the system you are punished by being thrown into a small cell. It’s a perfect storm, generations of bad decisions or possibly generations of apathy by the 94% of us who are not psychopaths.

But, instead of the standard critique from the left, this blog hopes only to highlight the various solutions, advancing technology, grassroot movements and societal changes required to transition to a world of equality, material abundance and happiness.

Here is a summary of the problem, and what the basic goal is: Future by Design (2006) Official Full Movie.

The question: How do we get from here to there? waxy wick will discuss.

Now I’m not a fancy big city politician nor do I claim to be learned in societal matters to the degree of advise but I can give one simple one, boycott mainstream media, critically think for yourself and discuss plausible solutions of transition to a world you’d like to see. Commenting, sharing and subscribing to further this conversation is one way.

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