Activism in the 21st century     

We must recognise the level of power that we now face, recognise our allies in the same struggle and galvanise to end its oppression

Quick spiel on a few activism events I attended over the last few weeks. They are all in the same fight, yet they don’t realise I feel, or more aptly don’t take account of the all encompassing level of power they all face. We all currently reside in a global socio-economic system where its manifestations are barbaric in its treatment to fellow humans, animals and the environment, with disastrous negative violent effects to everything, most notably to Public Health.

I went to each of these events with eyes open and enjoyed each one immensely, especially enjoyed and felt the vigour and passion with which the people speak and work tirelessly, giving me renewed hope for humanity. All of the groups and people involved looking to remove this barbarism and turn the corner to a civilised society of dignity, integrity and respect. The only thing that lacks throughout all the groups is an inspiration or resource allocation for galvanisation with like-minded groups. The immediate reaction to galvanisation seems to be on nuanced differences instead of recognition of the general similarity. A common goal of ending oppression and barbarism.

This common goal needs to be galvanised under, a banner, as activism in the 21st century. De Oppresso Liber- Liberate the Oppressed.

The Events

(The links will provide details of each event, my opinion given succinctly afterwards):

  1. London 14th October 2017

Revolutionary Communist Group

Days that shook the world

  1. London 21st October 2017

Stand up to racism

National Conference 2017

I searched for a news piece on this but couldn’t find one (post event). Very Slack.

Attendance would have been in the hundreds, possibly 3 – 400.

In one sentence and what grabbed me, quoting the hip-hop artist speaker, apologies I cannot recall his name. ‘Any form of racism is from this day unelectable’. We had speakers from trade union leaders, NGOs and politicians. Very informative and successful day, brought me to tears at one stage just to see the level of compassion and passion some people have.

  1. London 28th October 2017

Anarchist Book fair

The incident is a perfect example of the point I want to make in this blog. Anarchism has a label and associations of thugery yet its tenets and what it hopes to achieve or how it envisions a society is one of integrity, dignity and respect for your fellow human, animal and the enviroenmnt. Practice what you preach.

We had Carne Ross, and Dave Graeber speaking of the intricacies of anarchist models, a lively debate on the nuances of the current problems and solutions while in the other hall a mob harassed a couple of women for handing out leaflets. I will say however I don’t think it was as harsh as is said in the leaflet, I did see it, it was a bunch of people shouting “OUT” and blocking up the hallway for a bit.

Then someone let off the fire alarm, what a joke, in complete contrast to the tenets of anarchism. These people don’t understand anarchism and are only supporting this auto-prescribed vision of anarchism that the layman has of anarchy; wear all black and destroy the state. It’s difficult enough to persuade people of the beauty of anarchism: the trust one has in humanity to function together without coercion and in peace, without ‘self-proclaimed anarchists’ acting in that fashion,


We need you in this fight against oppression, realise and embrace that compassionate ideology that is anarchism. Do as you say, Act as you preach!

  1. London 11th November 2017

The Zeitgeist Movement UK chapter meeting

We discussed the nuances of the current system and what a new system would look like. Very intelligent, nuanced and amiable discussions with intelligent and friendly people however I can’t believe we got sucked into a racism debate for 20 mins. Completely antithetical to what TZM advocates.

-There was a young journalist student doing a documentary on a resource-based economy, which was interesting..

  1. London 18th November 2017

DiEM25 UK Meeting

We mostly discussed the structure of DiEM25uk and how to proceed in the future. Followed by beers and a meal in the local pub. Very amiable and lively conversations with intelligent and concerned people.


All of these events are different in concept, scope and area of concern yet they all share a common goal. From the emotional fault in society of racism and the fight for race equality to the technical fault of resource distribution resulting in poverty. A look into the deep parts of their arguments one finds a common denominator, one that has at its core the same core tenet and manifestations. The roots of each of these groups’ problems, of which they rage so adamantly against the symptoms, are all the same.

The basic core root of all their rage can be found in the precondition of precieved scarcity, the resulting inequality that stems from that and hence the artificial poverty that is generated. This perceived scarcity is a pre-condition for oppression (what the Anarchists are fighting against) and imperialism, imperialism a function of competition for scarce resources. What the Communist party is fighting against. The very core argument of free-market capitalism has its basis in the competition of scarce resources. This competition produces in-group out-group biases, hence xenophobia (what DiEM25 argue to rid the EU of), racism and bigotry. What Stand-up to racism are fighting against.

The zeitgeist movement at its core recognises this and works on solutions which I have summarised in the following video.

The goal; achieving abundance of resources using the scientific method, arriving at decisions and adapting to the planets limits- a resource based economy.

However, TZM also have no part of their activism that inspires galvanisation. The activism really is limited to ZDAY on March 15th each year and a Media Festival once a year, conversations with members and a verbal agreement between members to spread the good word. Which is fine but I demand more, especially of the people so well endowed with ‘smarts’ and the knowledge they’ve accumulated because of it. To not galvanise and fight is near negligence.

So, To Conclude, every person, organisation, NGO and Movement that answers yes to the following question needs to galvanise, meet under a common banner and work for its end: Do you wish to end oppression and live in an sustainable environment? Yes, Then galvanise! The power structures we face are galvanised, have their tentacles in every facet of life and are global in scope. We need to meet that power as one, devolve & control it. Then we can discuss the nuances of our particular problems at leisure.

This common goal needs to be galvanised under, a banner, as activism in the 21st century. De Oppresso Liber- Liberate the Oppressed.

Banner one- Universal Basic Dividend

Join TZM:

And DiEM25:

Thanks for reading ‘Waxy wick: another candle in the dark- shedding light on the abundant nonsense & posing solutions’

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