Transitioning from a Reformed Capitalistic Model to a Libertarian Socialist Model- Revolution Needed

Capitalism is structurally violent. The war on terrorism/drugs is just a war on abused and vulnerable people. Workaholics are rewarded resulting in stress and emotionally detached kids who grow to be addicts.

It seems to me that there are 4 standard or umbrella modes of societal structuring and after listening on numerous occasions to Chomskys description of each along with hours and hours of further study and research, its clear to me that a libertarian socialist model is the correct model currently thought of. It best aligns with human nature and the environment. From there, as I’ve said, we can move to an even more efficient model, an RBE.

But, the question is:

How do we go from the various forms of capitalism we find ourselves in today to a more saner global model.

Firstly, the main point must be stressed that this will have to be a grass roots movement in the mainstream medias face, with strict goals and targets on revolution, gaining traction and support the more we proceed.

Furthermore, this transition/revolution can only work to an LSE model if the people of the US do it first in their country or if many other countries do it at the same time; the latter seems more plausible. As we’ve seen on countless occasions before, the US just doesn’t allow anything outside of their form of globalised free-market capitalism. No justification required on this blog, I assume the readers are aware.

To even begin a revolution at the core of standard doctrine, it seems to me, that we need a climate or zeitgeist among much of the population that a consensus is held on what are the problems and solutions. It becomes apparent in my experience of travelling, that there are many people who want change. Of the ones that do want change there are a minimal number of them who actually know what change might be. They realise corporations are rapacious, governments are unrepresentative and their neighbours seem greedy and competitive but they don’t link the structure of capitalism to any of these.

The need for relevant information dissemination is apparent, the protection of the Internet the most important. The reforming of the most damaging symptoms the next: equality (banking sector, corporations) in Life Support (Waste, Env protection), Security (WAR & Prisons) and Education (Schools and media), which I’ve briefly discussed previously. Then a consensus among the educated population and the ones who see the benefits must be reached and this must gain more and more traction and support while we continue to practise civil disobedience in the face of policies or measures that are outside our principles.

Once enough people have joined, we demand a change in the way corporations & banks work; within the guidelines of our principals. We then minimise the government to its required size-depending on our policies- until a satisfactorily small government is left. It couldn’t completely dissolve but would probably just be a small administrative organisation that will have strict policies onto itself.

This is the only route to an LSE, in my opinion, at the national level. But how to do that across countries, on the global scale and in the face of the global capitalists will be one for the history books!! But I can think of no more a noble cause, a no more required course of action and a goal that would most benefit Species, Planet and Life.

I plan to discuss in detail and find/discover routes to transition. I’ll also discuss how it might work and/or look and how when the power is in each and everyone hands, No big brother is required.

But from this moment on I proclaim that:

I am a Revolutionary,

What I do? is try to revolutionise the global economic system in such a way that it works in protection of ALL humanity and in the limits of the GLOBAL natural environment.

I will work tirelessly to that end.

I will unite with anyone who seeks this end and will move in tandem with them.

I won’t stop until I am dead or Victory is realised.

THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO GO‘- The late and great Jacque Fresco

Thanks for reading ‘Waxy wick: another candle in the dark- shedding light on the abundant nonsense & posing solutions’ new blogs forthcoming.

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