Security in Free-market capitalist society

Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country” – Hermann Göring, during Nurumberg trials

“War is a racket, it always has been” –General Smedley D. Butler

Salvador Allende was overthrown because he was a Marxist with great plans counter to American interests. That’s not allowed in a competitive economic system, the big bully on the schoolyard wants all the sweets for himself. So, really to stop war one needs to get at the root cause. Discussed previously

But let me quickly throw my 2 cents in. Firstly I don’t have a concrete opinion on every false flag or ‘terrorist act’ but I do believe a lot of people believe false flags to be true as the nature of democracy leaves War a tough thing to justify to the people.

Naomi Klien describes it well in her book; ‘the shock doctrine’ by saying a democratic nation needs a ‘shock’ to the populace as persuasion for aggression. Is it just a coincidence that Iraq has oil and the US consumes oil by the largest quantity per capita (32 times more than the average African). Or a convenience that the US’s military industrial complex pretty much requires constant war to satisfy itself and that about $750B of tax payer money is spent on the military a year. Crash+“WAR ON TERROR”-Refugees=$$$$$ (for the 1% who profit).

Read more about US interventions and the reasons for them in Naomi Kliens book linked here

But, this is all a requirement in a system of this type where we must compete; it all serves an agenda which keeps the establishment established, i.e the rich rich and the poor as servants. We cannot stop false flags, destructive crony capitalism and imperialism in isolation because it will just rare it’s ugly head somewhere else when the core system incentive remains the same.

We need a new ‘core’ to the system, one of altruism and cooperation as the only means to true peace.

This is discussed in my core piece on economic problems. This among others as simple reforms in areas of modern society as steps toward a transition to a Libertarian Society economic model described in my piece entitled “transition” this then can be grown to a system of relative utopia where money is no longer required and everyone and everything is safe, secure, healthy and happy.

Finally and important, arguably the stupidest thing in the 21st century: The justice/prison system. We have an economy that requires wage slaves and results in poverty as the money goes upwards. Which forces poverty and degradation on a percentage of society, those people are raised in poverty and when they act out by stealing or becoming addicted to drugs, arguably as a means of numbing pain we chuck them in cages as ‘punishment’. It’s not rehabilitation it’s punishment, in the cages with other people all being punished. They come out worse most of the time I imagine. Prisons that profit from the quantity of prisoners they have is a tragedy of the highest order. No further justification is required on this it is absolutely absurd. Constitutions that were written hundreds of years ago are also ridiculous, the world is so different now and changes daily. We need an adaptive law that is based on nature, a natural law.

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