Darwin, Dawkins and Deists

I just finished reading ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins and I want to get this out of my head before I go back to this blogs major topic: Economic system reform and thoughts on transition. Religion is a major topic of discussion but not part of the scope here, so let me get it out of the way and leave it there.

  • Theist=        Belief in a personal God that is in your head, answers prayers etc.
  • Deist=          Belief in a God that isn’t in your head, only started the universe.
  • Agnostic=    Equal argument that there could be a God as couldn’t
  • Atheist=       Don’t believe in a God

Dawkins claims to be Atheist but I pose that currently everyone that is atheist is agnostic, because that ‘Crane’ which he describes in his book to explain the evolution and beginning of the cosmos is currently non-existent, as he says. Darwin’s evolution of life, which is blatantly obvious, explains life on earth. This does not automatically qualify the same principals for the cosmos. Hence, Dawkins must be agnostic until the day we do prove this ‘cosmic crane of information’. Maybe an apt title would be ‘Ath-agnostic’ where ‘there is equal argument for God as not but I’m more inclined to believe not’ and people who are more inclined toward the ‘God’ side of agnosticism would be Thee-agnostic. But this complicates things even further, it’s already a rigmarole of labels already.

Which leads me to my main point here, that this whole argument is abundantly complicated, frustrating and currently unsolvable. The only ‘religion’ that tries to evaporate this cloud of ignorance is Buddhism and they aren’t considered a religion (in the truest sense), they merely say that the answers to these questions are unsolvable and only causes you ‘Dukha’*, the most apt English translation for that I found is: ‘angst’, when reading, ‘Buddhism plain and simple’ by Steven Hague.

So, I was born a Christian but always questioned the bullshit of it, Conceited to being a deist when I was old enough to pose my own argument or thoughts on the subject. Then after more research I related to Buddhism but only really the parts where they contend that ‘seeking these answers, cause you dukha’ and that life is like a river-just go with the flow, death and pain are parts of life. And it did cause me dukha, previously every time I sat on the toilet, I exhaled a sigh and questioned my purpose, it’s frustrating. But I did not agree with all the other bullshit they package with it-funny hats etc.

Therefore, I have a title for my beliefs (or non-beliefs) and the lifestyle that follows, and it is:

‘Apatheist’– key word is apathy. Where essentially, I care not for the discussion, there may or may not be a God but I don’t care to waste anymore of my energy on the question because it serves nothing, only more angst.

  • I will live my life as I see fit with the goal of pursuing maximum happiness.
    • The blatantly obvious fact (to me anyway, neo-liberals might disagree) that my happiness is fully dependent on everyone else’s happiness makes a ‘religion’ with positive morals- socially egalitarian.

This does not suggest that when we are apathetic to the question of Gods existence we are automatically Apathetic to the question of the beginnings of the cosmos. On the contrary, the goal of describing the crane of logic to the beginnings’ of the cosmos is the same, but now we don’t have to try dis-prove something that, in-fact, was never proved in the first place.

Creationist-‘Gods real because there is no other explanation’

Apatheist- ‘No time for your nonsense, I need to check my latest data’

The beauty of Apatheism is that: Engaging me on the questions of religion is against my religion. Therefore, nobody can ever annoy you or preach their ridiculous beliefs at you anymore, no longer do you have to suffer it, sigh of relief anyone?

Let me say now, I’ve never been happier since ascribing to this way of life. I no longer have this mind-power-wasting angst anymore. I just do whatever I want and don’t get hung up on ‘getting a job’ or ‘pleasing’ everyone else. It amplifies the Buddhist tenants of: life is a like a river, go with the flow, don’t resist it by trying to control everything, Death is just part of life, the river must meet the ocean sometime.

NOTE: Finished writing this, then googled ‘apatheist’, it’s a thing already! My mistake 🙂 well my beliefs are congruent with those of my apatheist predecessors.

Thanks for reading ‘Waxy wick: another candle in the dark- shedding light on the abundant nonsense & posing solutions’ new blogs each week.

Comments welcome, follow me @gavgluaisteán or check out my youtube channel ‘what’s the craic?-Gluaisteán’ for some savage banter.

*Dukha or Angst. It’s the constant niggling at the back of your mind that you should be doing something or impressing someone or figuring out what life is about and your place in it and why you ARE. This only causes angst, nothing more, ‘unsolvable questions that don’t require answers, spend that energy on something that creates happiness’


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