No climate problem, no energy problem, no hunger problem-just an economic problem and its effects

“It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting our high technology from WEAPONRY to LIVINGRY.”

-R.Buckminster Fuller

That was said in 1981 in the book ‘Critical Path’, however I’m sure it was expressed sooner. The point here is that the technological level in 1981 was satisfactory for material abundance, this is abundantly truer in 2016, where technological advancements have seen leaps and bounds. The internet for example.

The problem we have is the economic system and it’s negative effects stifling technological freedom. I’ve said in a previous blog that there are no illuminati and no reptilian overlords, we only have an economic system with moral negatives at the core and the resulting world we see today with psychopaths & sociopaths in control is a manifestation of such. The resulting climate problems, poverty and environmental degradation are natural ramifications. To sort out all these problems we need only sort out the core problem of a competitive market place with greed as the motive and change to a cooperative one with altruism as the motive, the manifestations & ramifications will then be positives.

How can we achieve this?

Let me first discuss human nature. This is always the first argument in response to a more social socio-economic model ‘The problem with that is that Humans are greedy, it’s in our nature’. This makes me cringe; maybe it’s in your nature, or more correctly in your indoctrinated head. A human’s nature (emphasis on ‘A’ because there is 7.2 billion different humans) can be seen like a bandwidth, illustrated below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 15.45.38

Where person B has the capacity (nature) to be morally half ‘bad’ or fully ‘good’ and where person D has the capacity to be half ‘good’ or fully ‘bad’, in their ‘nature’. The environment one grows in has total influence on where person A or D will end up on the scale[1]. Hence, in an economic system that rewards and encourages greed/selfishness/competition (essentially, look out for yourself-step over everyone else) then Person B will typically end up half bad and person D will typically end up fully bad[2], if wishing to succeed. There are exceptions however, as person/s A do become fully good, raised in an environment where they are thought to not care for the established measure of success.

The point is: to succeed in this economic system, the more ‘bad’ you are the more successful you are, as a rule. Therefore, the ‘worst’ of us rise to the top while the ‘better’ people question what has happened. Therefore, we need an economic system that rewards the ‘good’ side of our nature.

So, If it’s not human nature, why has this historically manifested?

Because scarcity of resources was historically constant in our species evolution, so competition is apparent. This is the same for any organism on Earth, the difference now is that we are not like any other organism on Earth, we are fully sentient, have dominated and understood the Earth and Universe to a level that we can use tools and machines to manage resources and provide abundance.

So why don’t use our technology to provide abundance?

Because we continue this economic system of competition as the incentive and greed as the motive where it suits the establishment to have control, look out your window for justification. This is no longer required, we need merely make the decision to change to a system of cooperation as the incentive and altruism as the motive, free our machines to provide full automation for us and live in harmony with the environment. The problem is that the psychopaths that have risen to the top are so ingrained into it now, through generations of power, that they want it to remain as it is because they have full control, it’s a power complex of sorts I imagine. They have some how managed to get “HUMAN NATURE IS GREEDY” into everyone’s head, this then justifies their unequal portion of wealth.

So, let me clarify the core argument, and I will always relate back to this in the future:

  1. An ‘economic system’ is a system to manage production/distribution of resources
  2. Resources are the core of human needs, therefore an economic system is the core to manage society and should be used to maximum efficiency.
  3. An economic system with competition as the core human interaction results in negative manifestations in the real world-i.e. Inequality, Poverty, war etc.
  4. Therefore, an economic system with cooperation as the orientation should be incorporated- to instil positive manifestations in the real world- i.e. equality, altruism, environmental concern.

So, how do we get from here to a society of cooperative altruistic individuals?

Obviously a society of 7.2 billion people is very complex but when addressing the core of society it can be basic in theory, and a cooperative society seems an obvious goal[3]. This blog will discuss how we get to there on a point by point basis but essentially I see: (and I hate to use labels)

  1. A ‘Natural Law Resource Based Economy’ (NLRBE) with,
  2. A ‘Libertarian socialist economy’ (LSE)
    1. As a stepping stone to a NLRBE with,
  3. ‘Socialist’ reform techniques to the current ‘free market capitalist’[4] economy
    1. As a steeping stone to a LSE.

Again, I will not be giving a critique on our socio-economic situation; critiques are abundant and you need only look out the window for proof of fault. But I believe this route is the way to promote, encourage and reward the ‘good’ side of our nature. In the coming weeks/months/years I will discuss how I believe we go through steps 3, 2 & 1 on a transitional scale to a safe, friendlily, clean and fun environment for future generations.

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[1] This is even true in the womb, see lectures by Dr.Gabor Mate

[2] The question of what bad and good morales are is another debate. But I think we can all agree on core values i.e. altruism, friendliness, non-violence etc. are good

[3] Again, Indoctrination in the established norm is the reason why it’s considered ‘against human nature’.

[4] No country or economic system is purely capitalist today but again, it’s the label that most suits.


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