Conjuring Conspiracies as Candles

By Gluaisteán

Our perceptions are fallible. We sometimes see what isn’t there. We are prey to optical illusions. Occasionally we hallucinate. We are error-prone.”
Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

30 cycles on a magnificent lump of rock, spinning around a marvellous nuclear furnace, in a remote area of an incredible galaxy, in a remote area of the incomprehensibly large universe has left me baffled with how my species conducts itself on its own environment, more like a virus than sentient beings. What has allowed the power-hungry to gain control of the group? Have we allowed our inner emotions to shroud our logical judgement to the point where we can sparsely distinguish truth from lies from deceiving others? What is it in us that allows such obvious nonsense to dominate the zeitgeist? This blog will discuss and pose solutions.

One reassuring explanation is posed by Carl Sagan in his 1997 book ‘the demon-haunted world: Science as a candle in the dark’. I hope he would not be too vexed with me as I summarise his 434 page book into a sentence but I don’t have the scope here, allow me to present the core argument as I see it. If you agree with the quote above, then the logical question is: how much of the world today did our predecessors misconceive? A lot! and it seems these perceptions of the truth have a way of conjuring themselves as a candle in the dark when no other candle is present, mostly erroneously. The sentence then: The human mind conjures any answer to questions of reality it cannot comprehend. This opens a path for control seeking others.

Examples of this are abundant:

  • What are those lights in the sky?
    • I don’t know but see the way those few look like a bull when linked?
      • Oh yeah, it does (optical illusion-the stars are light years apart)
        • I was born when the bull was the highest, I’m the strongest, I should be chief.
  • What happens after we die?
    • You go to a cloud paradise if you do as I say, a burning lake if you don’t.
      • Do as you say? why?
        • Because the being who looks after the cloud paradise told me so, see I have this book that he gave me, its says so inside.
  • It seems money always goes to the top?
      • That’s the illuminati, they are a secret group that meets to trick everyone into giving them their money/labour.
  • The people on top have so much power and are so cruel?
    • Must be a malevolent reptilian alien race.
  • I saw something flying in the sky!
    • Obviously an alien race in cahoots with the American government, the government lets them probe people’s anuses.
  • This site is really old, that rock is too large to be up there?
    • That’s because an intelligent alien race used to be here, then they had sex with the apes from back then, we’re a mix of them. (Annunaki)

The point of this is: logical decisions are necessary, critical thought required on all information, analysis to prevent being prey to nonsense. When one conjures up an answer to a tough question, without using the scientific method to conclude an answer, one removes ones energy to solve it. Further it allows you to be open to any answer, which might be to the givers advantage.

It seems our well-meaning predecessors have historically allowed the ‘power hungry’ to thwart, plot and deceive to their own advantage (discussed later). Now it’s to the point where most of us can’t critically think, we’re educated to do the opposite, this will also be discussed later. Conclusively, there are logical answers for all of the problems we see in the world today and these problems will be discussed later and solutions posed, the core problem will be discussed next time, with an alternative given.

Suggested mind-humbling listening/watching; youtube:
Sagan tribute series, number 10, skip to 6 minutes 30 seconds. Listen to that religiously (use of adverb intended)

Thanks for reading ‘Waxy wick: another candle in the dark- shedding light on the abundant nonsense & posing solutions’

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  1. Kiersten · May 25, 2016

    It’s perfect time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy.

    I have read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you few interesting things or suggestions.
    Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article.
    I want to read even more things about it!


    • Gluaisteán · June 1, 2016

      What suggestions or interesting things Kiersten? very welcome my friend


  2. Kristen · May 30, 2016

    I needed to thank you for this great read!! I certainly loved every little bit of it.
    I have you book marked to look at new stuff you

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